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Friday 11 January 2008

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Amazingly enough after my mention of School of Everything, I went along to a w00t session last night for social innovators looking to share ideas and help; and it was run by the School of Everything guys, which was a great coincidence. Still not quite sure what w00t is, but got invited to the Disruptive Social Innovators event in Feb which sounds great. Definitely like what they’re doing, and particularly Andy Gibson’s new political philosophy of Sociablism! Even found out there is actually a School for Social Entrepreneurs. Kept trying to push away mental images of Jack Black and the School of Rock, but it really highlights how far the capitalist circle has turned.

My friend Meriem also pointed me to an Entrepreneur test set up by Rachel Elnaugh, who it turns out is one of the women off Dragon’s Den. Check it out if you like. Beware she uses terms like Alpha and Zeta, which should’ve been a warning sign, but I needed a break so gave it a shot out of curiousity. First note – if you’re not a fan of tests where you have to order multiple options that all seem equally applicable this will pain you. And of course there’s always a few in there that simply don’t apply at all – on any scale. Leaves you desperately trying to figure out which order won’t conclude you to be no kind of entrepreneur at all!

Rachel has
9 different types of entrepreneur – yes 9!

  1. Ultrapreneur
  2. Alphapreneur
  3. Passionpreneur
  4. Sociopreneur
  5. Bosspreneur
  6. Execpreneur
  7. Dadpreneur
  8. Mumpreneur
  9. Safepreneur
I suppose if you can’t add to the brimming pool of jargon that already exists, you haven’t really left your mark. One guess around which one Rachel is believes she is. The order and naming says it all ;)

(source –
Rachel Elnaugh)

I quite wanted to be a ‘mumpreneur’ for the sake of bucking a trend, but apparently I’m a ‘sociopreneur’ which I guess is about right; and so while I apparently want to ‘change the world’, it seems that Rachel has decided I ‘may lack drive and commercial skills‘. A few years here or there of business consulting to multinational corporations don’t count I suppose. More than a touch of the old star sign bullsh*t about the categorisation I fear! Nevertheless an interesting bit of fun.

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Anonymous said...

You took the test! entertaining classification to say the least!

Here's another one for you. It launched very recently and should hopefully prove a little more useful? It's based on the following book (which I haven't read): http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mullins-entrepreneurs-executives-Entrepreneurs-Executives/dp/0273708058/ref=sr_1_1/202-9976423-2307008?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1187281797&sr=1-1

Let me know how good it is if you decide to take it:

NTemple said...

As a Jack Black fan, there's times when I wish we were more like School of Rock. In our own way, though, we "do stick it to The Man".

School for Social Entrepreneurs