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Sunday 6 January 2008

Strategy is simply a plan to achieve a goal.

Defined in order of goal, then plan - ideally in an evolving feedback cycle.

What I'd add is that both goal and plan must be feasible and flexible. If a goal isn't clearly achievable, break it down into goals that are and plan to achieve those instead.

Be aware that starting goals are very likely to change when reality bites - and it does! So make sure your goals can evolve and your plans are flexible enough to adapt to change. Ours for example are already evolving and it's only been a month!

How do you know if your goals are achievable? Well, research and analysis is the answer. H
as it been done before? Was it successful? Is there really a gap you can fill?

Trawl the Internet; get to a library; ask your friends. At startup stage it's about viability and sustainability. You must be able to validate your startup's vision with data - primarily your unique selling points, the size of your target market and the realistic financial opportunity.

Anyway I said I'd keep it simple, so here's the USP overview on Strategy

Strategy Overview Diagram. Components include Vision, Goals and Objectives, Market and Landscape Analysis, Positioning and Planning.

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