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Contrary to what current intellectual discourse in the social sector might lead you to think, the reality is that the vast majority of organisations working for people are small and massively underfunded. Neither governmental nor transgovernmental entities have been able to eradicate human problems through size alone, so it's clear that the answer lies in some alternate mechanism that leverages the power of small able organisations. The long term goal of Social Effect is therefore to support, enable and network the design and delivery of workable social solutions and manageable organisations that are still deeply connected to the frontline.

We mostly work behind the scenes, either independently or in teams of associates, designing, implementing and scaling programmes to address poverty, local economic development, reforestation, climate change, violence, identity, HIV, drugs, producer marginalization, human rights, financial and environmental sustainability, water, permaculture, education, conflict mediation, disaster recovery, trauma, trafficking, disabilities, social inclusion, political change, civil action, mental health, women's empowerment, youth at risk, microfinance, farming and agriculture, digital inclusion, gender issues and healthcare amongst others.

Designing mass culture change with the Common Room Network team in Bandung, Indonesia