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Sunday 6 January 2008

My original reasons for modeling the enterprise were:
  1. To have a way of making sure I don't miss anything while setting things up, and
  2. So that people who want to get involved can see that it isn't just about volunteering, young people or web design
I then realised that there is isn't anything really simple out there for complete novices. So as part of this blog I figure I'll try and create a dummies guide to starting an enterprise based on how we're doing it.

So what is an Enterprise really?

An enterprise is of course anything from a one man show to a group or collective of groups achieving something.

But regardless of whether it's Fred beavering alone in his garage, or lots and lots of people collaborating towards some global goal, we are still talking about a multi-dimensional meeting of disciplines and specialisms.

Enterprises then are about strategy, ideas, research, brand, people, marketing, accounting, audiences, legalities, risk, planning, operations, technology, knowledge and a host of other detail that you have to consider.

In the next posts I'll chuck up some simple visuals that walk through the process I'm using to get this project off the ground. Lets hope they hold up as we go along!

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